Fiumicino Canal, Rome


Fiumicino canal

After an overnight passage from the south coast of Corsica, fortune is with us and we arrive within 5 minutes of  the daily 3 o’clock opening of the bridge, which allows access into the canal at Rome’s seaport of Fiumicino, and we didn’t even know it was an issue!  We had heard this location is the nearest, convenient location for visiting Rome, as buses and trains are frequent into the city centre, and it’s free!   We tie Tioga to the wall in front of the Coast Guard’s office and are soon astounded as to the garbage coming down the canal.  At one point, a refrigerator floats by…oh well, the price is right!  We spend a day in Fiumicino getting organized and deciding how best to tackle the vast city of Rome.   Fortunately, with our boat moorage being free, we are able to spread sights out to avoid fatigue and have some down time in between.

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